Features of your Business Gym Membership

Your own desk and office space
Every business owner needs their own desk and office space. In the Business Gym It's no different. Come and go as you please, invite others to come and work with you or walk on over to other's desks and see what they are up to.

But you can do it in the comfort of your own home on your computer. All you need is an internet connection.
Meetings done differently
Meet with fellow gym members or your clients in a way that is the closest to real life you could get. Close the door for secure meetings, share your screen like zoom and when you're done open the door and literally walk back to your desk.

When others join you in a meeting or walk up to you in the gym, your cameras come on and you are able to talk to each other. If you walk away your cameras turn off, just like in the real world.
Promote your business to the community
Each member of the gym receives their own business booth, which has two interactable objects on their tables. This can be used to load your website or your booking calendar. Some members choose to load a video which explains a little about what their business does and who they help.

This is an amazing way to promote your business and see appointments and meetings appear straight into your calendar.
Run events or join our "Spotlight" sessions
One of the quickest ways to build KNOW, LIKE and TRUST is to teach people how to do what you know how to do. The business gym is build on this core principle which is why each week there are structured sessions where members can share their expertise with the community.

30-60 minute slots are available for booking, all members are invited and you're able to invite guests too.
Have your own virtual office for your team
If you have staff who work remotely around the country or overseas, the Business Gym has a place for you all to work together without having to be on an off Zoom meetings or having to message back and forth. Simply walk up to their desk and start having a chat.

Need to work on a project? Simply invite them and your clients to a meeting in your dedicated boardroom.
Catch up with everyone for virtual drinks
There is still a great opportunity inside the gym to network and connect when the work day is done. There are regular after work drink sessions where you bring your favourite virtual beverage of choice or Kaye one of our amazing members will send through a recipe the night before and you can make it along with her.

This is where you build relationships and find potential partnerships, clients or collaboration opportunities.
Or try and beat the lap record on the track
If you need to take a break from the hard work and want a challenge with yourself, your team or the other members. Why not take it to the track. The Business Gym has a fully functioning go kart track which you can race around as many laps as you need.

Want to drive around the world instead of walk? You can jump on a kart and drive around through any part of the world. Rock up to your next meeting in style.